Ecological Responsibility

Our mission invites us to accomplish that the children be: ” promoters of a better, more just and more human society”. We should all be promoters of such a society, that helps solve the problems that trouble human beings. Among these problems are: contamination, the deterioration of the environment and all the ways human beings are affecting nature and are contributing to global warming.

At the Albergue, we unite our strengths with Businesses and Foundations that are committed to this “GREEN” flag of Ecological Responsibility; adopting actions to reduce the way that each one of us, as an individual and all of us as a society, are altering and contaminating the environment.

We want to favor the use of systems, equipment and products called “green”, because they seek to reduce the contamination and harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere. We look for strategies directed at avoiding waste and to fomenting the sustainable use of the natural resources.

The first objective is to teach the children and the adults in general, love and respect for ourselves, for others and for nature.. It is the way to become conscious of the great responsibility we have to take care of and conserve the biodiversity. The second objective is to learn new ways and techniques to reduce, recycle and reuse the resources, promote their efficient use and avoid contamination.

Among the ecological actions that we are already putting into practice and the ones that we are working to implement, are the following:

  • We do Hydroponic cultivations, that eliminate the use of pesticides and fertilizers
  • We separate the trash and we channel the products to a recycling center
  • We produce compost with the organic garbage that we generate
  • With our children and adolescents, we organize reforestation campaigns
  • On our vehicles we use elements to lower the emission of contaminants
  • We channel batteries to plants to be handled and recycled
  • We use water saving: showers, faucets and water systems
  • We request donations to install solar heaters that do not contaminate
  • The appropriate use of electro domestic artifacts and light bulbs to save energy
  • We look for donations to acquire electric energy solar cells
  • We train our children and other people on ecological subjects
  • We work with universities to adopt new ecological projects

We have carried out several of these actions for some time now and we are working to implement the rest. We want to show other associations how much we have advanced in this field, so that they can also apply them. We are interested in working together to understand new ways of thinking and acting with Ecological Responsibility and promote them in society.

If you are interested in participating in these project or in suggesting new options. Contact us!

We want to be a “GREEN” institution committed to acting and promoting the conservation and the respect for nature. We know that we can do it if each and every one does the part that corresponds them; to care for this incredible master work of art…. more beautiful that any work of art created by man.