Volunteers and social service

The work of the Volunteers who donate part of their time to the children, is invaluable. It is an act of great generosity because, as far as time is concerned, we are neither rich nor poor; we all have the same 24 hours each day; not one second more, nor one less. The Volunteer gives a part of the most precious thing he/she has: his/her own life.

Being a Volunteer is a great personal satisfaction. To give company, to give love and to give that generous testimony in favor of those who have less; is a more human and more sublime way to embellish our world.

To be a Volunteer also implies a  great responsibility. Every adult that participates in the Institution´s activities, is a model that the children are going to tend to copy. Their good example will stimulate the child to be a good person their whole life long. The Volunteer´s joy, optimism, generosity and dedication; will teach him/her that life is beautiful; if we are able to overcome the negative events of our own life´s story.

If you are interested in being a Volunteer, we congratulate you and we thank you on behalf of the children for this generous gesture. Review the general rules below and evaluate the possibility of joining this beautiful cause and share this pleasing joy of helping those who have less, with all of us.

The Volunteers´ General Rules

  • It is important that you analyze and decide what type of activities you would like to participate in. Decide very well how much free time you have and at what time you could help the children.
  • For your volunteer work to be very positive, it is necessary that you follow the Education Model Guidelines, that we have at the Albergue. Before starting their work, the Volunteers are given a brief Induction Course, that permits them to know the basic elements of our education model.
  • Every adult is an example and a model, for the children, who tend to imitate. It is precise that the children always see in us, the patterns of values and positive conduct, that will help them get ahead in life.
  • Consider that the children form affective bonds with the Volunteers. If a Volunteer suddenly abandons his/her job, for the child this represents a new abandonment, a ratification that he/she does not deserve to be loved, is not worth anything, etc. That is why it is very important to always make a final “closure.” at the end, as well as complying very well with the children´s work schedules and the time that was agreed upon.

“Being a Volunteer is a great opportunity to fill our life, with the most profound and pleasing of joys: the joy of giving.”

Do you want to become a Volunteer?
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