History and achievements

Our History

The Albergue/Children’s Home started to operate on a small farm that was lent to us in 1987, when a group of friends, who belonged to the Los Pinos Sports Club, wished to do something for the needy by establishing a Non-Profit organization. Later they rented a house in Tlaquepaque; and after that in 1996 the Institution acquired a lot in Cd Granja, Zapopan, Jalisco and they built the Children´s Home. In 2003 we started to work with Adolescents in order to give help them continue with their education from the time they are very little. At the same time, we started to work with their families through our Department of Family Formation, which permits us to make a more precise diagnosis of the family´s problems in each case. The Adolescents’ Home was inaugurated in 2011.

With F. Quiera’s support, we received counseling from F. Juconi in order to develop, together with our team of educators and psychologists, the Integral Education and Development Model / Modelo Educativo de Desarrollo Integral (MODI), which responds to the needs of the population and intervenes with efficiency and professionalism in all the areas that surround the children/the adolescents/and the families. The Model covers four areas of human development: physical, cognitive, emotional and social; for which the following activities are developed: In the physical area; healthy meals, sports, health care, medicine, etc. In the cognitive area: schooling, computer science, academic counseling, special education, sustainable agriculture, mathematics workshops, etc. In the emotional and social areas: Psychological attention: family accompaniment, individual therapy, music, sexual abuse prevention workshops, resilience, etc.



In 2013 we edited the book: “Niños y Jóvenes por un Mundo Mejor: Modelo Educativo del Albergue Infantil los Pinos, A.C.”/ “Children and Adolescents for a Better World: Education Model Albergue Infantil los Pinos, A.C.”, which permits us to share our strategies to improve the living conditions of many children and families. At the same time, we were graded by Filantrofilia.

The Children´s Home provides a home, food, education and a family. Every year we directly attend 67 children 3 to 12 years of age, 33 adolescents 13 to 18 years of age, 57 mothers and indirectly 209 integrants of their family nucleus, making a total of 361 beneficiaries.

Achievements and recognitions

  • Impact and social commitment 2016

    Granted by INDESOL

  • A commited Society 2016

    Granted by INDESOL

  • Reason for Being Award

    In the year 2005, the Fundación Merced A.C. chose us from among hundreds of associations that they audited regarding all their administrative and educational processes, and other community services; granting the Albergue Infantil los Pinos, A.C. the “Reason for Being” Award /el Premio “Razón de Ser”, that they give each year to an institution whose quality, professionalism and social impact, show a high level of fulfillment of their Mission. This award is for the association that best fulfills “the reason” for which its founders decided to create it.

  • The IJAS Award for Social Assistance and Promotion

    The Jalisco Institute of Social Assistance /El Instituto Jalisciense de Asistencia Social has more than 400 affiliated associations; and each year they grant the most prestigious award in the environment. The engraving on the plaque says:

    Recognizes the Social Institution
    Albergue Infantil Los Pinos A.C.
    which with its human warmness and extraordinary, professionalism, has been able to create a generation of winners, “The seed that you have sown, has given fruit”

  • National Volunteer Award

    Granted by the Mexican Volunteers Association, A.C. At the President of Mexico´s official residence, Los Pinos.

  • United to Help Award

    Granted by The Best Foundation

  • Accreditation of Institucionality and Transparency.

    Granted by the Mexican Philanthropy Center (CEMEFI).

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification

    Being the first Institution of its kind in Jalisco, to obtain this certificate of quality. A recognition given on a national level by ANCE and on an international level by IQNet.

  • National Award for its Professionalism

    Granted by the Quiera Foundation.

  • Better Practices

    A rating granted by Filantrofilia.

These awards are so important; they are a guarantee for our benefactors that their donations are generating benefits of transcendence for the children, for their whole lives. It also means a commitment to maintain the high level of quality that the children and our dear benefactors deserve. If you are a benefactor of the Albergue, your donations make the good work in the children´s favor possible.That is why you won these prizes!