The conceptual focus that fundaments our position facing the challenges that life presents us, stem from three premises:

  • The individual who has more possibilities of living a totally fulfilled and useful life for his/her community, is the one who has adopted the continuous search for personal development, as a way of life.
  • A personal life project, established in search of being a better person every day, has as a logical consequence the individual commitment to build a better, , more just, and more human society with more responsibility toward nature.
  • One of the most profound satisfactions that we can have in this life, is to share what is ours with the needy. A person whose life project is their personal improvement and the search for a better world for those who have less; opens up for them a great opportunity to enjoy a full life; immersed in a profound inner peace.

Based on these three premises; an integral education process, should be directed at consolidating two values in each person: their realization as a human being through constant personal realization; and the search for happiness through working for the needy.

This philosophy is our proposal for constructing a better world!


To provide children, adolescents and their families who are in vulnerable situations and extreme poverty, with an alternative of integral human development that permits them to acquire the necessary competencies to be able to overcome their condition and be the promoters of a more just and a more human society.


To be an Institution that is a leader, is sustainable and innovative regarding the attention and promotion of integral human development, so that our beneficiaries might obtain better opportunities for their personal development.

The framework of Our Vision stems from the Universal Rights for Children, that ought to be guaranteed for all boys and girls and adolescents; without any distinction. Likewise, we are totally convinced that the best way to combat poverty, is through EDUCATION. Educating the people who suffer hunger and margination; and educating society as a whole.

  • Educating the people who live in extreme poverty, will give them the tools they need to get out of their unjust and inhumane situation.
  • Educating society will help it to open spaces of social justice that will permit the marginalized groups to get out of the conditions of hunger and prostration they live in.

Our Vision is to consolidate ourselves as the most successful Institution for fomenting a profound change in society and the individual, through integral EDUCATION; focused on the human being and responsible toward the ecology. A change that makes us be a better, more just and more humane society.


Values are very important for the Institutional philosophy of the Albergue Infantil Los Pinos A.C., since they identify how the Association acts in regard to its interest groups, and they mark the codes of conduct in regard to its collaborators and society in general.

The values of the Albergue Infantil Los Pinos A.C. are:

We accepts others as they are without judging them; seeking their wellbeing in everything that is within our reach.

We always accept things with veracity and transparency; we are faithful to our convictions, our values and our commitments.

Our standard is TRANSPARENCY itself.

Review our Audited Financial Reports.

We are always willing to give the best of ourselves to others, in regard to what we have and what we can contribute.

We fulfill our obligations by acting opportunely, making decisions and taking objective actions and we report the results.

We proactively make our best effort by keeping our knowledge updated which results in our continual betterment.


  • Houses

    The Albergue’s first objective is to create Homes or establishments that provide, food, clothing, a home, a family and an integral education for the neediest children and for the members of their family nucleus; with our Institution’s Vision, Philosophy and its Values.

  • Family Nucleus

    To extend the educational effort to the context of the family nucleus the child comes from. To work on the solution of the problems that caused the minor to be admitted to the Institution through the adults’ self-management; in order to avoid Welfare and in order to prompt the child’s reintegration to a healthy social environment.

  • Personal Growth

    To make our Homes an educational option not only for the children, but also for all the adults, who one way or another, participate in the Institution by involving them in a continual search for personal growth and excellence in their environment and in their lives.

  • Helping

    To promote, in society, the awareness of the commitment we have to our neediest brothers; and give those who “give” the opportunity to be a better person, rescuing mistreated children or who are in dangerous situations.

  • Human Development

    To make education the primary element that we wish to give the children. An integral education that covers the Four Areas of Human Development; intellectual, emotional, physical and social; that is based on the Institution’s Values and directed at developing the child’s self-management capacity and his training for the labor world. An education impregnated by the Philosophy of personal betterment, altruism and the care of the environment.



GGenerate and collect sufficient economic resources so that the Homes can operate in a dignified way and have what they need to provide the children with an integral formation.The quantifiable goal established for the Fundraising area, is for it to obtain resources at least 10% above the total expenses of the Home. This goal seeks to guarantee the Institution´s self-sustainability; at present, as well as in the future.

The work team

To form a work team with highly professional personnel, that has a proven vocation for service, to follow-up the established evaluation system, according to the fixed quality standards for each job position in the organization; revising and reporting every quarter to the Management and to the Board of Directors the results obtained in each of the Institution’s operative areas.





To entirely cover the annual training or integration program, for all the people who participate in the internal and external activities at the Home. And every six months, to carry out the evaluations and reports of the training and integration events that were held, documenting the improvements that were obtained by the human team; constantly seeking to offer the children the highest level of a quality education.


To provide each child with a personalized follow-up;of his educational progress, his physical and emotional health and of his mental and psychological development. To quarterly review each child’s progress, establishing concrete a goal in each area for the next period. This follow up will be registered in their files, reporting the progress they obtained to the Board of Directors.