Through the Internet

Make an on-line donation with your credit or debit card.

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By Bank deposit

A guide for donations by bank deposit or by electronic transfers

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By phone

You can make your donation directly by phone with your credit card.

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In kind donations

Help us to cover our children´s and our young people´s most essential needs.

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Professional Services

Donate your time and talent

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Give a child a scholarship

Your help means a big difference in our children´s lives.

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Help us to continue changing lives…

Thanks to your support we have been able to offer children and young people in high risk situations and extreme poverty the opportunity for a life. Thanks to your help, they have the hope of a better future.

Donate through the Internet

On the Internet it is simple and safe.
Use your credit or debit card or through PayPal.

Make an on-line donation

Make a donation by making a bank deposit

Direct from your Bank account or your on-line account

Step 1

Deposit or Transfer funds.
With the frecuency you chose (annual, quarterly, monthly, etc.).

Clabe: 014320655007500226
Account No.: 65500750022

Clabe: 072320002050029527
Account No.: 0205002952

Clabe: 012320001677452224
Account No.: 0167745222

Clabe: 021320040283866544
Account No.: 4028386654

Banamex Cuc. 7009
Clabe: 002320700945344359
Account No.: 4534435

Step 2

In order to identify you and keep you informed, please send us your E-mail address together with your deposit slip and the following personal information:

Complete name, telephone number, E-mail, home address and Zip Code.


Donate by phone

As you prefer: you call us or we can call you.
Make your payment directly by credit card with a phone call.

General Offices:

[33] 3629 5000

[33] 3629 5002