Our Experience

We are interested in expanding our support effort, for which we want to share our experience with other Institutions, similar to ours, thus benefiting needier people.

In order to attain this, we need to be very organized and have a vision that the best way to build a better, more just and more human society; is by educating oneself and others.

If you are interested in having your association taken into consideration for this type of support, please send us an E-mail with all your data, so that we can register you. Thank you.

We are interested in helping other associations.


We share the Institutional tools and the Integral Development Model with other Organizations, in order to help with the professionalization of the care provided to vulnerable groups, with a focus on rights and a culture of good treatment.


Our commitment is to help other Institutions by enriching them with our experience. We are interested in ADDING TO and GENERATING STRATEGIC ALLIANCES, collaborating in combined services to help improve the community.


We provide our experience through our manuals and the guides that we have developed.

Support books

We hope that some of our publications will support the development of more Homes, anywhere in the world. If you are interested in any of our books or programs, contact us.

a pieOn foot…..or by plane

In this document we include basic suggestions for the friends of other associations; that can learn from our errors and from what we have done right.

We would like for you not to have to suffer from the problems that our errors caused us, so that you too may very soon obtain the benefits of what we did correctly and what it helped us to obtain.

ConceptosBasic concepts of organization and fundraising

An excellent introductory manual, written by a great trainer, Fernando Acosta Aldaz, an extraordinary man with a long trajectory as a Philanthropist.

It very clearly presents the basic elements that are needed in order to well organize your association and especially so that you can obtain good fundraising results.

ResilenciaKnow, apply and teach this great tool for life: Resilience.

The ability to get ahead, in spite of all the adversities that life presents us; is one of the best tools that we can learn and give to our children, who we wish to help.

This manual presents the method we use for this objective. It is a guide for educators and parents who want to potentiate the impact of their educational effort.

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